YouTube interviews

Couple of interviews posted on the Media page: always fun talking with Robert Spano and particularly enjoyed my conversation with Atlanta music critic, William Ford. Also great to see that the special ‘add 20 pounds’ filter was in use by all videographers.

Matt Haimovitz

It’s a great follow-up to my interview/conversation with Philip Glass a couple of weeks ago to have the wonderful Matt Haimovitz here next week! Matt’s coming in as part of Emory’s Philip Glass Residency to perform the Second Cello Concerto with the University Symphony Orchestra.

Welcome to my website!

We just went live this evening (thanks to the wonderful Richard Lorenc, website guru for the Emory orchestras); content will go up on the various pages over the next few days. My thanks to Michael Swisher for the permission to use his FABULOUS artwork in yet another joint venture!